Migrating Bigcommerce to Steersman Odoo eCommerce Suite

bigcommerce steersman migration.png

StoneBridge Imports is a Canadian distributor of a wide selection of natural stones and crystals for jewelry, home furnishings and much more. Their ever expanding catalog of products, each with several images and dozens of unique attributes, needed to be managed in an efficient and logical way to ensure that customers visiting the site would be able to find exactly what they wanted quickly and easily. As their catalog expanded and their business grew, they identified a number of different problems with the platform that they were using.

They had implemented Bigcommerce for their eCommerce solution, with ShipStation for shipping, but found that the frequent changes to the business model and pricing, along with a range of limitations within the platform, were all contributing to a potential loss in sales as well as creating operational inefficiencies on the back end. They reached out to Steersman for a comprehensive and flexible solution that would give them the ability to quickly and easily adapt their site to reach more customers, improve the shopping experience and ultimately increase sales.

Steersman created migration tools to move catalog and other website data from BigCommerce to Odoo, along with creating redirects, allowing the client to review and clean up the data prior to go-live, and successfully switching the company from BigCommerce to Odoo.

Bigcommerce to Steersman’s Odoo

Steersman’s Odoo based ERP with a powerful eCommerce solution were exactly what StoneBridge was looking for. The Steersman team was already familiar with the Bigcommerce platform and, after a large buildout of a custom new website, completed the migration from Bigcommerce to Steersman’s Odoo eCommerce platform.

  • The user interface (UI) of all Steersman sites is designed to fit naturally on devices of any screen size, ensuring that StoneBridge products would look great not just on a computer monitor, but on the smallest smartphone screen as well.
  • They had seamlessly incorporated Elasticsearch to ensure that customers are able to find exactly the type, size, origin, etc. of the gems they came to the site for with lightning speed.
  • Steersman’s robust product information management (PIM) tool is designed to be used with ease even by non-technical staff. Product data templates and a powerful graphics optimization engine allows StoneBridge’s product managers to update and maintain their vast catalog with ease. The interface is so intuitive that it’s simple to add attribute mappings and check the data for accuracy without ever getting data specialists involved.
  • All content throughout the eCommerce site created by Steersman is optimized for exceptional SEO, giving StoneBridge the tools they need to optimize content and ensure that its products would rank highly in online searches.

Steersman’s Odoo ERP, ecommerce solution, dynamic PIM and a responsive support team set them apart from the competition and provided exactly what StoneBridge needed to boost their sales and improve the ecommerce experience for their customers. They feel confident in knowing that their investment in the new solution will grow with them over time and that the Steersman support team will be there to help them through any future challenges.