Advanced ecommerce and ERP

Leverage unsurpassed performance with Steersman’s advanced ecommerce tools - all seamlessly integrated with our robust ERP - to help grow, optimize, and efficiently run vast online catalogs.

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All-in-one system

Arm your business with the efficiency, automation, and data needed to compete in the marketplace. Seamlessly integrate your website functionality with a full suite of back end tools using a central database.

  • Easy to use catalog management
  • Lightning fast page load speeds
  • Intelligent inventory management
  • Optimized sales pipelines
  • Automated process flows
  • Powerful bookkeeping
  • Diverse data insights
  • And much more!

Steersman advantage

Realize incredible return on investment and gain a significant advantage by taking your ecommerce and ERP solutions further with Steersman’s proprietary additions and improvements to Odoo’s suite of tools.

  • Powerful product information management (PIM) functionality
  • Efficient online and phone payment processing
  • Robust content management system (CMS)
  • Reliable user session management
  • Customizable website functionality

Security is our priority

Multiple layers of military-grade security provided by the sophisticated Steersman-managed cloud architecture safeguard every aspect of your operation - from checkout to accounting and everything in between.

  • Smooth failovers
  • Frequent backups
  • Optimized load balancing
  • Content delivery network (CDN)
  • and More!

High performance websites

Reduce bounce rates, increase conversion and ultimately boost the bottom line with Steersman’s ecommerce technology.

  • Single-page application technology for immediate website response
  • Page pre-rendering with Next.js to improve navigation speed
  • Integrated SEO built into the design for improved ranking
  • Auto-correct, auto-complete, and auto-suggest search functionality with Elasticsearch
  • Easily manage large catalogs of products with multitudes of product specifications
  • Designs meet and exceed ADA accessibility guidelines

Steersman’s ecommerce comes up on top every time!

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Optimal technical SEO

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Efficient Design

Steersman makes the most of search engines’ “crawl budget” for all our sites and we implement regular improvements as rules change over time.


Feeds Bots Properly

We ensure our sites give crawler bots great structure and lightweight pages to guarantee that search engines rank you better.

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Quality Sites Rank Best

Get higher UX scores with our high performance structured websites to ensure a ranking boost for all search engines.


Great UX designed with mobile first

Improve engagement and guarantee intuitive navigation. Steersman’s ecommerce designs are always created for mobile first and then adjusted for screens of all sizes to ensure that the site looks great and functions smoothly whether your customers are on a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop monitor.


Faceted Search Filters

Empower your users to easily search through and navigate catalogs of any size. With Steersman’s ecommerce suite, your customers will never end up in the weeds!

  • Optimal support for catalogs of 1,000,000+ products
  • Split-second page loading and filtering
  • Fully structured indexable URLs for relevant filter results pages and maximum SEO benefit
  • Ideal functionality for companies whose clients shop for items by specifications

Powerful website designs

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Optimized Templates

Convey your distinct brand to your audience with Steersman’s standard designs and templates created for optimal performance and ease of use.

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Full Content Control

Enable your team to make content updates themselves and quickly respond to the changes in the marketplace with Steersman’s tools and guidance.

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Design Customization

Take control of your site’s visuals with Steersman’s ecommerce, which takes full advantage of Simplified React (JSX) components coupled with scoped SCSS.

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