Steersman setup for success blog - best practice advice

Steersman setup for success blog - best practice advice

Steersman experts and contributors explain how to implement processes and technologies strategically.


What marketers and users want from ecommerce on-site search

  • To get the real benefits of site search, you must understand what users want in search and auto-complete, understand what you as a marketer can add, and use a system that offers both.

What website search auto-complete and auto-suggest can do for your business

  • Understanding how website search auto-complete can improve your user's experience can directly lead to higher conversion rates and lower customer service costs.

Gaining business intelligence and insights from won and lost sales

  • Strategic data analytics give you an enormous market advantage, that's why all the big companies do it. Here are some factors to consider when thinking of analyzing your sales data.

How product information management systems benefit online catalogs

  • A good catalog management system (PIM) should offer control and ease of use, save you time, and help boost sales. Here are some things that good PIM systems should have.

Basic pricing strategies and caveats for online and offline sales

  • When considering pricing structures for your business, one option does not fit all. Pricing is a complex subject and pricing methods can be subjective.

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