CRM Solution

Steersman Powerful CRM for Inside and Outside Sales

Empower your sales organization with robust prospecting and relationship management tools, then upgrade your direct sales with our fully integrated e-commerce platform.

Close deals fast with one-click quotes and e-signatures, maximize revenue with automated dynamic pricing, and much more.

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Core CRM Features

Customer relationship management (CRM) is vital to the success of every business and it’s important to invest in a powerful tool to help streamline and automate this tedious and time consuming task that can be prone to human error.

The Steersman CRM software enables your business to manage customer interactions with ease, provide support to your process, and equip the user with reliable systems and processes to maintain and build strong relationships.

These are just a few of the features that make our CRM tool stand out against the competition:

  • Full-featured CRM and pipeline automation
  • Task reminders on orders, products, and other records for upselling and continuous improvement efforts
  • Intelligent price and incentivization engine