Steersman e-commerce consulting services

Steersman e-commerce consulting services

The ecommerce market today is competitive and advanced, requiring expertise and serious effort to get good ROI from an online presence. Steersman helps companies integrate ecommerce into their core business or build a business around ecommerce by figuring out the online target market, the tools and information that potential clients seek, and the competitive advantages that a company can leverage.

Steersman consulting teams can deliver advice only, or additionally provide ecommerce technology deployment and upkeep, online catalog management, online security, and more.

Steersman e-commerce consulting services details

Ecommerce success fundamentals for 2019

  • This brief class will explain reasons to setup or forego creating a proprietary ecommerce channel, the basics about marketplace sales, common choices for online store technologies, organization of online store catalogs that convert visitors into buyers, and driving traffic to the site.

Business strategy consulting for ecommerce entry or improvement

  • Steersman business consultants help client companies with market studies, strategy development and validation, and designing the business frameworks that can capitalize on our clients' strengths and competitive advantages.

Ecommerce project scoping and budgeting

  • Determine needs and detailed specifications for ecommerce systems, making the process of procuring technology more transparent and the results more predictable.

Online catalog management and optimization

  • Catalog organization audit and optimization services, expertly using Steersman Business Suite built-in product information management tools to maximize sales conversions and SEO.

Web application security auditing

  • Cyber security auditing and testing of web applications for vulnerability and compliance.

Technical SEO auditing for large ecommerce websites

  • Tailored technical SEO audit for ecommerce websites with up to 10 million pages - data presence, structure, reachability, load performance, consistency, and more.

Projects and success stories

  • Steersman magazine's Projects and Success Stories section provides lessons from the process and technology implementation projects managed by Steersman Company.

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