Steersman removes the headache of managing technology and data systems

Mix of separate business systems = lost time and lack of business insights

Steersman allows small businesses to implement and run advanced enterprise-level technology and extensive process automation without needing their own technology expert teams.

Our approach

  1. Process

    It all starts with learning about your business, understanding your existing systems, and interviewing key employees. We refine those learnings into insights, then develop a proposal that covers all your application and support needs.

  2. Technology

    Your hardware and software will move to our cloud. We’ve spent decades designing complex systems to meet the most challenging requirements. You’ll see the benefits of that experience everyday as reports load almost instantly, and you move between applications on any device seamlessly.

  3. Training

    A comprehensive training program ensures that your team is ready to roll from day one. Small classes and one-on-one sessions provide your employees with the skills needed to take full advantage of the Steersman Business Suite.

  4. Support

    Every subscription package includes world-class support from our expert team. No more questionable freelancers, or off-shore call centers to deal with. Our support staff, business analysts, and engineers work together so you get answers in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Your CTO gets a full team with us.

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