Inventory and fulfillment management

Identify opportunities, respond quickly to changes, and collaborate with all stakeholders. Steersman’s ERP solution provides real-time oversight of your entire supply chain, warehouse, and inventory operation.

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RFQs and purchase automation

Consolidate vendor communication, purchasing rules, order management and inventory tracking to increase productivity and reduce costs.


Real-time warehouse oversight

Empower every member of your team - from worker to management - to make fully informed decisions on the fly with live data on any device.

  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Inventory
  • Shipments
  • More!

On-demand inventory tracking

Arm your sales team with live inventory levels and accurate forecasting to ensure customer satisfaction, decrease service costs, and improve customer expectation management.

Steersman’s systems knowledge, coupled with their business knowledge, enables them to quickly and efficiently solve any issues that we might have, which in turn saves us both time and money. Their technical abilities help them solve a variety of complex issues, and they are head and shoulders above the consultants I worked with at Odoo and at many other companies.

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Jeremy Sacker
Head of Special Projects for Sciencix


Intelligent fulfillment and shipping

Streamline workflow and eliminate user error with predefined process flows that take all the guesswork out of fulfillment. Automate the decision flow freeing up your team to just pack and ship the orders as directed.


Carrier integrations

Fulfill domestic and international orders accurately and efficiently with Steersman’s built-in integrations for most parcel carriers, complete with electronic submission of documentation for international parcels under $2500.

  • UPS
  • USPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • CanadaPost
  • and more!

Dynamic forecasting and replenishment

Optimize forecasting strategies with Steersman’s replenishment report. Users can compile large PO’s or split orders up while taking a variety of insights into consideration:

  • Current inventory levels and quantities reserved
  • Forecasted quantities by customizable periods
  • Past consumption and sales history
  • Reordering rules and related inventory warnings
  • Trigger a PO, an MO, or a transfer with a click of a button
  • System-generated restocking recommendations
  • Flag favorites and use filters for custom views
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Barcode labeling and scanning

Ship the right product every time with intelligent barcode labeling. Arm your warehouse team with handheld scanners so that they always know exactly what they have and where.


Bulk label printing

Guarantee accurate inventory management flows with single or bulk barcode printing on stock receipts, stock moves, deliveries or directly from the product view in the Sales module.


Centralized tracking

Your sales team will know exactly where in the pipeline the client’s order is or what to do if a package is lost or damaged - even if it was part of a larger order - no matter what shipping method is used.

Maximize warehouse efficiency with Steersman’s Odoo

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Ensure Accuracy with Odoo

Implement an efficient stocking strategy, treating all operations as stock moves between locations, with Odoo’s double-entry inventory method.


Savings with Automation

Leverage configurable re-ordering rules and automated RFQs to streamline inventory replenishment, optimize efficiency and save money.

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Improve Forecasting

Identify opportunities, maintain optimal inventory levels and respond quickly to changes with Steerman’s proprietary replenishment report.


Advanced supply chain automation features

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Optimize Workflows with Automation

Save time and money with automated reminders, inventory warnings, configurable re-ordering rules and more. Maintain a competitive edge and accurately set fulfillment expectations for your customers.

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Efficiency through Centralized Data

Simplify drop-shipping, cross-docking, and manage multiple warehouses - in addition to regular everyday order fulfillment - with centralized control over every part of the process.


Traceability for Optimal Customer Service

Ensure complete traceability of your inventory to guarantee that your customers get their orders as quickly and accurately as possible, while you maintain full control of your entire supply chain.