Steersman manufacturing management cloud software

Arm your operation with scalable ERP and ecommerce tools needed to control your supply chain from anywhere and deliver products faster, cheaper and with fewer resources.

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Real-time MRP and forecasting

Ensure accurate planning based on actual manufacturing time measures, capture data from your equipment in real time, and maintain optimal inventory levels with Steersman’s fully integrated MRP app.


Product lifecycle management (PLM)

Manage engineering changes with enterprise-wide communication tools and ensure everyone is on the right page at all times with version controlled document management.


Integrated quality control

Set up quality control points and manage alerts by defining customized triggers at specific points in your inventory or manufacturing processes.

  • Drag and drop alerts to report progress
  • Use tags to categorize alerts
  • Create rules to automate actions

Built-in barcode support

Speed up operations at every step with Odoo-powered out-of-the-box support for a variety of barcode applications, including handheld scanners and thermal label printers.


Equipment maintenance and repairs management

  • Create preventative maintenance plans for your equipment using statistical data
  • Trigger requests right from the manufacturing floor
  • Easily track request progress with a drag-and-drop interface


Optimize efficiency with on-demand visibility into your entire manufacturing operation with Steersman’s fully integrated suite of solutions built on top of Odoo.

  • Real-time communication
  • Accurate data capture
  • Intuitive versioning
  • Robust quality control

Before we migrated everything was disjointed, everything separate. We were using different tools for different things and we wanted to combine everything. Now everything is in one place!

five star rating
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Kenneth Adamson
Legion Safety


Flexible master data

  • Automate procurement with flexible rules and routes
  • Track every product and work order with integrated barcoding
  • Manage manufacturing of components needed for the manufacturing of other products with multi-level bills of materials
  • Create custom work order routing to logically sequence your production and improve efficiency
  • Get live performance reporting, track maintenance, and more!