Steersman online catalog management cloud software

Curate an ideal catalog structure for your clients, enabling them to create intuitive website experiences for their customers and make changes on the fly.

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Multi-level price automation

Create as few or as many price lists as your operation requires. Once set up, the prices are calculated automatically, freeing you to manage sales, B2B discounts or wholesale pricing with just a few clicks.

  • Multiple price list support
  • Price lists with percentage-based discounts
  • Formula based price list calculations

Promotions based on product categories

Schedule sales and online promotions for your product line, a product category, or even just a particular variant of a product. Specify start and end times so you don’t have to remember to turn off the sale at midnight.


Standardize and maintain data quality

Design flexible templates to make adding new products to your catalog an easy and uniform process. Store as much information as you need for each product to ensure that your customers know exactly what they’re getting.

Product attribute management

Organize your product types, categories and attributes to create filtered views that make bulk editing and data verification a simple process.


Smart product sorting automation

Convert vendor-defined product attributes into user friendly website-faceted values by implementing logical filter mappings.

Simplify catalog navigation for your customers, ensuring no data gaps and fast page load times.

Fast websites .jpg

Responsive websites

Superior website speed and performance ensure customer satisfaction and improved conversion rates.

  • Single-page application technology
  • Page pre-rendering
  • Automatic image compression
  • Variety of optimization tools

Granular product data storage

Store as many product details as you need to ensure intelligent cross reference ability and portability for your catalog with Steersman’s PIM interface.


Catalog management software features

Manage huge catalogs of products, product variants, associated media, and automated price lists with an easy-to-use interface to ensure that your inventory is displayed exactly how you want.