Steersman business consulting and technology services

Steersman business consulting and technology services

Benefit from the business and technological insights of Steersman's consulting team. Our business and technology consultants work with Steersman proprietary technologies as well as third party tools and services.

Aside from working with our default set of tools, Steersman's team of engineers and analysts is available for advanced web application R&D projects.

Steersman business consulting and technology services details

Supply chain automation

  • Gain a competitive advantage and reduce user errors via custom forecasting and procurement automation and by installing IOT devices in warehouses, production facilities, and procurement offices.

E-commerce consulting

  • Integrate ecommerce into your core business or build a business around ecommerce by figuring out the online target market, the tools and information that potential clients seek, and the competitive advantages to leverage.

Online marketing and SEO

  • Online marketing strategy and implementation services to companies that are serious about their online presence and ecommerce sales: strategy, content, advertising, ecommerce levers.

Data analysis and BI

  • Tools and experts to collect and analyze business data to optimize pricing, sales processes, inventory, advertising, or other aspects of your business.

Business software training

  • User and administrator training for Steersman core technologies - Steersman Business Suite, Odoo, WordPress, ProjectMan, Writerapp.

Web application design

  • User-centric web applications with the business purpose and process in mind - websites, ecommerce, custom business applications.

Web application development

  • High performance, scalable web application development to fulfill design and business purpose requirements - websites, ecommerce, custom business applications.

Data investigation and cleaning services

  • Investigation of Odoo business system data issues that accumulate over time - Steersman finds and repairs causes, cleans up bad data, provides training to minimize future issues.

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