Steersman Supply Chain Automation Services

Gain a competitive advantage with intelligent forecasting, procurement automation, automated action triggers, vendor integrations, customizable stock flows and intelligent use of IoT devices - all in one robust ERP suite.

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Uncover opportunities and reduce costs

Create dynamic dashboards and detailed stock reports, leverage intelligent forecasting logic and glean insights for purchasing, material consumption, inventory management and shipping trends to better guide sales and operations.


Vendor integrations

Maintain product catalogs, availability and costs for your vendors to ensure you’re always getting a great deal. Approve RFQs with the best value and manage PO’s through stored confirmations, statuses and tracking data.


Integrate with data providers

Ensure your product catalog lines up with industry standards: let Steersman import data from relevant providers - complete with images, item names, detailed descriptions, attributes and attribute values, and more.

Before we migrated everything was disjointed, everything separate. We were using different tools for different things and we wanted to combine everything. Now everything is in one place!

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Kenneth Adamson
General Manager at Legion Safety


Improve customer dialog

Quickly and accurately address all customer needs and questions no matter who picks up the phone with a centralized database. Control team and individual access to customer preferences, order history, and tracking information for current orders.


Discover new revenue streams

Leverage historical sales data to identify trends and upsell existing customers with incentives on new and relevant products or delivery methods.


Improve control of operation processes

Analyze data from every part of your operation to identify areas for improvement

  • Determine optimal process flow
  • Reduce unnecessary movement of materials
  • Identify bottlenecks and minimize excess inventory

There are many one-size-fits-all options out there, but at Steersman we’ve learned that clients prefer solutions designed with their specific needs in mind.

The Steersman team listens to the unique requirements of your business and combines our vast expertise with the powerful Odoo ERP technology to tailor a suite of tools guaranteed to bring efficiency and value to your operation.