Case Studies

bigcommerce steersman migration.png

Migrating Bigcommerce to Steersman Odoo eCommerce Suite

Switching from Bigcommerce to Odoo eCommerce with Steersman to improve the customer experience on the site, and streamline the back end operations.

shipstation steersman migration.png

Migrating from ShipStation to Steersman's Odoo ERP

The Steersman’s proprietary shipping module allowed the team at Sciencix to quickly fulfill late-day orders and streamline their same-day shipping operation by eliminating all redundant steps from the process.

quickbooks steersman migration.png

Migrating from Quickbooks to Steersman's Odoo ERP

Migrating from Quickbooks to Steersman’s Odoo ERP solution with the built in Accounting module safely and efficiently to ensure reliability of the data, efficiency of operations, and quality of the overall output.

xcart steersman migration.png

Migrating X-Cart to Steersman's Odoo eCommerce suite

Legion Safety's migration from their old X-Cart's ecommerce solution over to Steersman's Odoo ERP with it's robust ecommerce platform was made quick and painless, leading to immediate improvement in sales and efficiency.

stone edge steersman migration.png

Migrating Stone Edge (SEOM) to Steersman's Odoo ERP

Steersman migrated Legion Safety from Stone Edge's order management solution (SEOM) over to Steersman's Odoo ERP which greatly improved the efficiency of their operation.

legion safety ppe distribution.jpg

Improved Operations, Control & Remote Work Support for PPE Distributor

Steersman’s Odoo ERP and E-Commerce package was perfect for a busy PPE distributor in need of an all-in-one product to streamline their operation.

Sciencix Lab Image.png

Improved Shipping Times and Increased Sales with Reduced Staff

Steersman's Odoo ERP and E-Commerce solution for a client looking to make their online store easier to manage, add operational tools, and ultimately increase sales.

industrial pumps manufacturing.jpg

Improved Data Integrity and ERP Reliability for Industrial Pumps Maker

Improvements an industrial pumps manufacturer saw to their business after migrating from Odoo to Steersman's SaaS Suite of business solutions software.

increased website traffic seo.jpg

Drastically Increased Organic Traffic to Quill Website

Steersman implemented the Quill community blog system Writerapp to maximize the ratio of blog content quantity & quality vs the overall cost & time effort.

inventory management erp.jpg

Automating Marketplace Connection for B2C Vendor Skyrocketed Sales

Steersman's solutions for automation of specialty marketplace listings, vendor integrations, and tools to manage procurement, fulfillment and bookkeeping.