Steersman team collaboration applications

Improve productivity by arming your team with the tools they need to collaborate virtually without losing the benefits of in-person interactions.

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Schedule tasks and activities

Create custom rules to automatically generate next-steps for specific workflows and generate personalized to-do lists to achieve goals and reach objectives with ease.


Data rich reporting

Personalize your own dashboard or use one pre-defined by Odoo to quickly evaluate the ROI of campaigns, visualize your team’s KPI’s at a glance and analyze your opportunities pipeline.

Explore Reporting

Collaborate via integrated chatter

Keep the conversation going by leaving the chat pop-up open to facilitate live collaboration with any department within the company from anywhere in the suite, including sales, inventory, manufacturing, and bookkeeping.

Facilitate faster execution of processes, improve brainstorming results, and ensure easier decision making, while allowing the support of outside contributions, with Steersman’s Odoo suite of ERP tools.


Create channels for specific discussion topics

Start public discussions to allow input from all employees or create private channels and invite only key individuals. Ensure the best possible solution to any problem by getting input from any sector of your operation.


Tag content to allow filtering and tracking

Ensure efficient customer management by adding tags to your notes and quickly identifying the conversation you’re looking for with smart filters.

  • Attach files to records
  • Improve readability with text styling
  • Easily search your notes

Collaborate on tasks for efficiency

Share your notes as links, tag coworkers in notes so they can follow discussions, upload relevant files and control viewing or editing access directly on production orders, customer records or products themselves.