Steersman technology and industry knowledge solutions

Steersman’s business software package has tools dedicated to a range of business types/models - keeping in mind what various types of distributors and manufacturers need for their process management and product presentation.

Leverage tools in bundles built for specific operations. Inventory and process management keeping in mind the tracking specifics, online catalog with tools to help the specific type of client, flexibility in bookkeeping entry automation vs manual logging, collaboration tools to make sure communication is convenient and tasks aren’t forgotten.

Read more about Steersman’s solutions within industries

B2B supplies wholesalers

  • Maximize efficiency and profits using an application bundle for B2B supplies wholesalers.

Spec-driven online retailers

  • Gain sales, process and reporting tools specifically designed for online retailers.

B2C omnichannel sellers

  • Consolidate sales channels and leverage tools to manage and monitor operations within a single system.

Specialized equipment assemblers

  • Manage production, storing, sales and accounting in a single software suite via Steersman’s “assembler” application bundle.