Small business technology that works

Capitalize on your data and automate processes with Steersman cloud solutions and services.


Advanced technologies and consulting for business

Steersman Company provides a range of business software applications and complementary specialized consulting services to US businesses that make or sell physical products and want to dominate the online space within their market niche. We help SMBs organize, manage and optimize sales processes, sales channels and supply chain operations.

Scale as you grow

Steersman’s cloud architecture is ideal for growing businesses. No on-site hardware or software to maintain.


Power on-demand

Our cloud adapts to your needs automatically, increasing processing resources and storage capacity as your business grows.

Backups for your backups

Multiple hardware and data redundancies, along with complete daily backups, mean that everything will be there when you need it.

Military-grade security

Secure information architecture, restricted access points, and layers of firewalls all ensure that your data is safe from unauthorized users.

Functionality on Demand

Start with the full business automation suite, or just the parts you need right now. Enable new apps with just a click.


Dynamic workflows

Integrating new apps is a breeze. All your settings, preferences, and data mappings persist when you enable new tools and features.

Apps That Play Together

New apps automatically connect to existing data, so there’s no need to duplicate or import historical business records.

Real-time, reliable data

A single source of truth for all your business data. Accounting, sales, inventory and more at your fingertips — on any device.


Accounting for everything

It’s a lot easier to make a decision when you’re confident in your financial reports. Inventory, in transit, A/P, A/R, taxes, and more — updated everywhere, all the time.

Context when you need it

Banish data silos with pertinent information for every team. That means no more miscommunications, disappointed customers, or missed opportunities.

Supply chains that don’t break

When everyone communicates with one dataset there are no weak links. Complex operations happen like magic behind the scenes - so the warehouse knows there’s a PO for that item, accounting knows there’s a vendor to pay, and sales can give the customer an accurate proposal.

Technology and knowledge solutions within industries

Leverage tools in bundles built for specific operations.


Business consulting and technology services

Benefit from the business and technological insights of Steersman’s consulting and development teams to help drive sales and manage operations.


Business software applications

Web-based software applications for business operations, marketing and sales - manufacturing, inventory and supply chains, retail sales, inside/outside sales, online sales, team collaboration, catalog management, online marketing.


Steersman projects and success stories

Steersman magazine’s Projects and Success Stories section provides lessons from the process and technology implementation projects managed by Steersman Company.


Business and technology blog

Steersman Business and Technology magazine for operations and ecommerce professionals growing and optimizing their production, inventory, and omni-channel selling operations.