Large Banner

The Large Banner pod can only be selected at the trunk of the page design and ideally should only be used once per page. As it’s intended use is as a header and the title of this pod is an H1, it should be the first section on the page or at least placed as close to the top as possible.

large banner selection.JPG

A large banner lets you specify an image, title, button and text. The image you select will be added on the right and will determine the height of the banner. If you select a thin horizontal image, your banner will be thinner than if you selected a larger vertical one. You can also specify a preset that would control the background color and how to blend the image to it via a preset. Read more about how presets work here.

large banner content.JPG

You can format the text within the banner using markdown to include bullet points, bold and/or italicized text and more. Read more about markdown options here.

large banner with markdown text.JPG

This is an example of a Large Banner with all fields specified. You can omit the Button CTA and URL fields, in which case the button will not be rendered, and you can omit the text, however the Title and Image fields should be configured for the pod to show up properly on the page.

The pod is designed to work just as well on a desktop as on even the smallest mobile screen. On mobile the elements of the banner will display horizontally with the Title first, followed by the Content, the Button and then the Image.