SBS online store management training

Steersman provides in-depth training for Steersman Business Suite (SBS) advanced online store and catalog management applications. This training does not apply to Odoo’s standard built-in ecommerce functionality. Training options include classroom-style and one-on-one video sessions.

Our SBS online store manager training classes are conducted in our Chicago office or via one-on-one video calls, and are applicable to online catalog and ecommerce managers and fulfillment professionals. This training includes information on module configuration, and on day-to-day online store management functions, including adding or removing products, updating product information, price updates, catalog reorganization, on-site product filter organization, redirect creation, and more.

SBS and Odoo bookkeeping and accounting training

  • In-depth training for SBS and Odoo accounting/bookkeeping functionality for daily use and configuration.

SBS and Odoo manufacturing training

  • Extensive user and configuration training for SBS and Odoo manufacturing (MRP) and PLM modules for companies dealing with “real” inventory tracking, single-level or multi-level bills of materials, and production via manufacturing orders (no work centers) or work orders (with work centers).

SBS and Odoo inventory management training

  • Steersman provides advanced training for SBS and Odoo inventory and purchasing management modules for operations and supply chains professionals dealing with “real” inventory tracking, FIFO, and distribution or assembly manufacturing operations.

SBS and Odoo sales process management training

  • Classroom and personalized training for SBS and Odoo Sales and CRM modules for users working in customer service, as well as inside and outside sales roles.

Business software training

  • User and administrator training for Steersman core technologies - Steersman Business Suite, Odoo, and WordPress.