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Steersman offers advanced business software solutions to companies looking to implement ERP and ecommerce software, businesses interested in implementing Odoo or operations already using Odoo and looking for customizations.

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Why Odoo?

Odoo provides a customizable solution to meet all your operational needs, which will continue to grow along with your business.

  • Comprehensive
    Enterprise solutions including: Sales, Operations, Marketing, Ecommerce, Finance, and much more!
  • Affordable
    Get the best value for your business by paying several times less than other ERP solutions.
  • Scalable
    Add users and modules as needed, supporting your business through all stages of growth.
  • Customizable
    Open source software is endlessly customizable by solution partners like Steersman.
  • Integrated
    Eliminate redundancy and user error in all operation processes with a central database for all your individual software solutions.
  • Accessible
    With intuitive user interfaces and unrestricted functionality on mobile, users can work from anywhere.

Why Steersman?

We do things better. With Steersman you get the perfect blend of business analysis, solution customization, integrated implementation, and support.

  • Improved Functionality
    Steersman’s Odoo suite comes with over a hundred proprietary modules - intuitive tools, advanced data structures, and powerful dashboards/reports to run distribution, manufacturing and ecommerce businesses.
  • Business Analysis
    Our Odoo experts will analyze your business needs and recommend a suite of tools to manage and improve your work processes. Minimal new customization, maximal effect.
  • Implementation
    No matter what your business needs are, the Steersman team will setup your Odoo, train your team, and engineer your custom features thoroughly and efficiently.
  • Customization
    Whether you’re looking for one of Steersman’s pre-built solutions or need something custom to address your unique needs, we’ve got you covered.
  • Hosting + maintenance
    Servers, performance optimization, security measures, backups and failovers don’t have to be a headache - Steersman keeps your Odoo fast and secure at all times.
  • Support
    Our US-based team ensures fast turnaround for all your business needs.
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Before we migrated everything was disjointed, everything separate. We were using different tools for different things and we wanted to combine everything. Now everything is in one place!

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