Thin Banner

A Thin Banner is similar to the Large Banner with a few notable exceptions. Just like the Large Banner, you can only select this pod type from the trunk, however the only fields that are configurable are the Title and the Image.

thin banner selection.JPG

The Title is an H2, so you’ll want to make sure that this type of banner is always below whichever element you’ve allocated as H1 on the page. The text is always left aligned and will stretch to the full length of the banner.

thin banner content.JPG

The specified image will always be centered and will be rendered underneath the text. You can specify the background color, text color and blending mode via a preset to ensure that the text and image don’t clash and that the image is nicely blended into the background color. Take a look at this article for more information about Presets.

thin banner with moon image.JPG

In the example above we chose a simple image with a dark background to make sure that it blends nicely with our dark background and doesn’t clash too much with our text.