Steersman advanced e-commerce platform

Steersman advanced e-commerce platform

Steersman ecommerce platform provides unsurpassed performance and advanced tools to help grow, optimize, and efficiently run an ecommerce catalog.

Responsive site and PWA for great UX

Reach your clients the way they prefer – with a single online store you give your clients a desktop site, a mobile site, and a mobile app. All with great user experience in mind.

Based on Elasticsearch technology, Steersman eCommerce platform gives you a smart search out-of-box, without a need for outside services or integrations. You get lightning-fast auto-correct, auto-complete and auto-suggest, with an ability to analyze searches and boost products you want to push.

Online store faceted filters to allow easy browsing

With a large catalog you need fast faceted filters. Steersman eCommerce suite supports 1,000,000+ product catalogs, with split-second filtering, and fully structured indexable URLs for filter results pages.

High performance ecommerce for higher sales

With Steersman eCommerce, the entire site is Fast, running on advanced technologies including Next.js and Elasticsearch. With average page load speed under 1 second on the Steersman eCommerce system, you can minimize bounce rates by letting your clients browse without waiting. Steersman is a real Next.js ecommerce platform.

Technical SEO for increased search engine traffic

There is only so much “crawl budget” that each website gets as search engine crawlers scan the entire web. If your site gives crawler bots great structure and lightweight pages, search engines will rank you better simply because they can scan your website faster and understand it better. High performance structured websites can also get a ranking boost due to higher UX scores, judged by search engines as better in quality.

PIM for easy data management

Large catalogs need large-scale product information management (PIM). Steersman eCommerce comes with built in tools to analyze data quality, build catalog templates, and optimize products in bulk. You get built-in, native tools for image management, attribute and filter assignments, category and landing page building, and many other functions. You are always in control of your Steersman online store without needing web developers to expand or re-organize the catalog.

All-in-one business process management and data storage

The online store and catalog are only part of your business needs. Steersman eCommerce suite can help propel your online sales forward using your existing back office setup, but it can also manage your entire operation.

Our all-in-one business suite can fully manage your sales process (CRM), inventory, forecasting, warehouse, manufacturing, shipping, accounting, procurement, projects, and many other business functions. Get a true all-in-one solution for your ecommerce business or benefit from our online shopping system only – you choose what works for your business.

Other information to consider when deciding on ecommerce systems

How to get the Steersman ecommerce system

Steersman advanced ecommerce platform comes as a standalone system or as a component of Steersman Business Suite (SBS), an all-in-one business automation system.

Work with Steersman directly or through your web agency to setup Steersman Business Suite and website SaaS. Front end design, layouts, and coding can be done by Steersman or capable design and implementation partner firms.

Website design and build possibilities

Steersman ecommerce is available in a few standard options with general templates that are built for optimal performance and ease of use. We are happy to tweak or fully customize your websites, if desired. Alternatively, your own team can make visual website tweaks or even complete redesigns. Simplified React (JSX) components coupled with scoped SCSS are used for the ecommerce front end, and the system permissions can be set to allow your web developers to retain control over the visuals of your site.

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