Steersman advanced e-commerce platform

Steersman advanced e-commerce platform

Web technology has become so advanced and expensive, that only the biggest companies and large marketplaces have been able to maintain a real edge when it comes to e-commerce. Steersman changes that.

Steersman advanced e-commerce system comes with the latest and most powerful technologies in terms of e-commerce architecture, functionality, and performance. The technologies that kept dominant e-commerce marketplaces in a league of their own in terms of reach and performance are now available directly to small businesses.

Product information management

Steersman Business Suite (SBS) includes a sophisticated easy-to-use Product Information Management (PIM) system out-of-box. You can easily organize products, attributes, descriptions, photographs and other catalog data. Steersman PIM maintains a media library where it automatically crops, resizes, and compresses images. It stores all product details and holds a framework for attribute and faceted filter data management and structure, and more.


Out of the box, your system is fully designed for SEO. A 100/100 SEO score with Google Lighthouse is guaranteed as long as all the necessary page data is entered. In addition to the front end technologies that allow search engines to best understand your website, Steersman product information management system facilitates the administration of such information as well.

Site speed

The Steersman ecommerce platform front end runs on Next.js, with data managed via Elasticsearch technology. With extremely quick page loading, you can expect pages to render in under 1 second, whether you have 100 or 1,000,000 products on your site. This speed is achieved for faceted filters use, viewing categories, products, or other pages.

On-site search

Sophisticated on-site search is included with our ecommerce system. Your site visitors get auto-complete suggestions, as well as auto-suggestions on matching products, categories, and, if desired, other catalog data criteria. Matching is done based on relevancy calculations that allow results and suggestions to update within less than half a second from typing a new letter into the search box.

Faceted filters

If you maintain a good quality of product data, you can benefit from intelligent faceted filters on your site. Build the catalog structure with Steersman PIM, and let your site visitors enjoy split second catalog filtering capabilities.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

The Steersman system is, by default, also a mobile device app. Your visitors will be able to download the site as an app directly to their phones once they visit your website.

Landing page builder

Using our product information management system and advanced faceted filters, you can assemble indexable landing pages with well-defined product lists within minutes. Assign products individually or based on type or category, including using specific faceted filter options. Once products are determined, you can override the page title, add page text content, and add it into the catalog menu.

Website design possibilities

Steersman ecommerce is available in a few standard options with general templates that are built for optimal performance and ease of use. We are happy to tweak or fully customize your websites, if desired. Alternatively, your own team can make visual website tweaks or even complete redesigns. Simplified React (JSX) components coupled with scoped SCSS are used for the ecommerce front end, and the system permissions can be set to allow your web developers to retain control over the visuals of your site.

Full integration

Besides the performance and optimization, SBS also manages the entire business process and information. Your online orders aren't going into intermediary data storage from which you must download them into your order and inventory management system. All the business applications work from a single source of true data. Customer service reps can see client shopping carts and interact with them. Client data can be viewed and deleted in a single place, if required. Even the shipping labels are generated and printed by the same system.

All the technologies used by the tech giants are now available to you, to operate your own sales and supply channels.

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How to get the Steersman ecommerce system

Steersman advanced ecommerce platform comes as a component of Steersman Business Suite (SBS), an all-in-one business automation system.

Work with Steersman directly or through your web agency to setup Steersman Business Suite and website SaaS. Front end design, layouts, and coding can be done by Steersman or capable design and implementation partner firms.

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