Steersman all-in-one ecommerce business suite

Centralize all your business processes and data into a comprehensive all-in-one solution with Steersman’s ecommerce SaaS suite - built on top of Odoo’s powerful technology.

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Improved sales with centralized data

Omnichannel sales tools

Meet all of your customers’ expectations by tapping into a centralized database.

  • Send well designed quotations to your customers using live inventory data.
  • Set accurate delivery expectations for products requiring manufacturing.
  • Never sell something you don’t have in stock ever again.
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Better warehouse management

Inventory tracking and forecasting

Track the movement of every item you have in stock from receipt to warehouse to sales order with Odoo’s dynamic inventory app, then use that data to create dynamic reports and make smarter business decisions.

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Live chat connects the whole team

Team collaboration tools

Communicate with everyone on your team from anywhere with Odoo’s instant chat tool that is fully integrated and can be accessed from all applications in the suite. Request assistance or get a quick question answered right when you need it.

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Steersman has been supporting our online store, order management system, and office network for a few years. They do a good job for us and respond quickly if issues arise. We had a couple server meltdowns over the years, and somebody was always here same-day, helping recover data and get us back to work. They are also helping us setup an ERP system and a new ecommerce store, which is taking some time but going well. Their ecommerce expertise and quality standards are very high, so I am confident that I can always rely on Steersman’s staff for web and IT work.

five star rating
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Kenneth Adamson
Legion Safety


Simplify operations through intelligent automation

Business Intelligence (BI) tools and reports

Use statistical purchase data to make future orders both time and cost efficient.

Set up rules to automatically generate RFQs depending on stock levels, logistic rules, sales orders, forecasted manufacturing orders, or other logical parameters.

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Effortlessly sync transactions with your bank

Bookkeeping and financial reporting

Eliminate manual data entry with automated invoices based on sales orders, timesheets and/or delivery orders.

Run your business better with Odoo’s smart reconciliation functionality.

  • Generate automatic propositions
  • Register detailed journal entries
  • Audit differences between accounts and bank balances.
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Domestic and international shipping support

Package delivery management with carrier integration

Make note of clients’ preferred shipping methods in CRM and automatically generate packing slips that take the guesswork out of the fulfillment process.

Steersman’s local and international carrier support includes:

  • UPS
  • USPS
  • FedEx
  • CanadaPost
  • and more!
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Why Steersman for omnichannel?

Consolidate your online, in-store and B2B sales to stay competitive and Steersman will ensure that all your data is centralized for improved sales, inventory, forecasting, manufacturing, accounting, team collaboration, and more.

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Ideal solution for retailers

Centralized order management

Ensure that every department in your enterprise has the most up to date status of your inventory with a centralized database.

  • Manage fulfillment efficiently
  • Streamline online and in-store sales
  • Reduce costs
  • Provide the best shopping experience
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Easy curbside pickup management

Flexible order fulfillment

Support curbside pickup for items placed online in a game changing move for customers in today’s market.

Improve your bottom line by offering your customers exactly what they need, the minute they need it, anywhere they are, and via any device.

The new setup is very nicely accessible because it’s cloud based. We were able to easily work with the system remotely from anywhere. That flexibility alone was a huge improvement.

— Kenneth Adamson
General Manager at Legion Safety


Manage your operation remotely

Steersman cloud hosting

Focus on content and sales - let us handle hosting and maintenance

  • Superior performance
  • Page loads at blazing speeds
  • Decreased bounce rates
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Military grade security
  • Regular maintenance

Steersman business suite SaaS infrastructure

Using a variety of Amazon’s AWS Service Solutions, scalable network applications using Node.js, and Steersman’s auto-scaled app server group, you’re guaranteed to have the optimal hosting experience for your business.

  • Never lose an important email, no matter what happens
  • Lightning fast rendering with optimized image storage and management
  • Session storage for smooth navigation that doesn’t miss a beat
  • Secure load balancing that eliminates downtime
  • And much more!