Steersman projects and success stories

Learn about Steersman past projects via our reviews and case studies - ERP, ecommerce and other projects, including design, R&D, business process analytics, business logic optimization/customization and any other work necessary to achieve business success for Steersman’s clients.

Project requirements, implementation processes, results, and client commentary

How do Steersman’s Odoo eCommerce sites rank?

  • The proprietary eCommerce module the Steersman Company has built in Odoo ensures that the client’s website is rivaled by none, and we’ve done the legwork to backup that claim.

Case Study: Advanced eCommerce Site & Odoo ERP for Specialty Parts Maker

  • Steersman’s Odoo ERP & ecommerce solution for a client looking to make their online store easier to manage, add operational tools, and ultimately increase sales.

Case Study: Advanced eCommerce Site & Odoo ERP for PPE Distributor

  • Steersman’s Odoo ERP and eCommerce package was the perfect solution for a busy PPE distributor in need of an all-in-one product that would streamline their operation.

Migration from Odoo to SBS SaaS for improved support and customization

  • An industrial pumps maker hired Steersman to host, maintain, customize and support their Odoo system for supply chain management, manufacturing, order fulfillment and bookkeeping.

SBS with supply chain and marketplace automation for a B2C seller

  • A client hired Steersman to provide automation for specialty marketplace listings, vendor integrations, and the tools to manage procurement, fulfillment and bookkeeping.