Improved Data Integrity and ERP Reliability for Industrial Pumps Maker

Project purpose: The client, a pump manufacturer, wanted to have more responsive and in-depth functional support and to be able to customize their Odoo ERP per their needs.

Background: The client implemented Odoo SaaS with a support pack from Odoo, but the initial configuration was not optimal, causing data discrepancies to accumulate in the system. Multiple configuration changes were done over the initial year of system use, causing further data quality reduction. Unable to obtain data issue resolution support from Odoo and to make important system customizations, the client sought a partner to eliminate their need to work directly with the software producer. Steersman’s physical proximity and the fully maintained, customizable Steersman Business Suite (SBS) package that is based on Odoo, made Steersman an optimal partner.

Odoo migration to SBS

Steersman worked with Odoo to enable a version upgrade from the client’s outdated system to the Steersman system version supported at that time. Steersman then recreated the needed Odoo configuration in our suite. Due to a change in inventory functionality between Odoo versions, our functional experts created custom inventory and manufacturing routes to enable the required process, ensuring that moves remain manageable and traceable.

Configuration tweaks to fix Odoo processes and bookkeeping

Upon migration to the Steersman SaaS service, our data team investigated the data discrepancies that the client was accumulating over the first two years of system use. The configuration error was found and repaired, finally synchronizing the on-going inventory operations with accounting journal entries, as well as balancing the inventory, AP, and AR reports with accounting journals.

On-going Odoo user support

Since the migration, Steersman team has been supporting the client’s 20-person team with functional advice, providing support desk services, training on new modules and providing staging environments for configuration and module change testing.

Odoo customization to improve processes

Many functional customizations have been developed and implemented for the client over the 2 years since the client’s on-boarding with the SBS service. Steersman integrated printers, implemented a bar code labeling system, changed multiple reports, setup special user-manager interaction logic, and more.

On-going partnership

Since the start of service in 2017, Steersman has supported the client team with all questions related to Odoo and provided additional IT services, becoming an outsourced IT department for a range of technology needs.