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Technologies evolve fast. Steersman writes about the technology topics relevant to our core expertise in production, inventory, ecommerce, and omni-channel selling management.


Promotions and Coupons for Odoo

  • The difference between promotion and coupon setups in Odoo as well as recommendations for which discount to use when as well as how to set them up.

How Scheduled Dates and Lead Times Interact in Odoo

  • A detailed review of how various scheduled dates and lead times configured within the Inventory, Manufacturing and Purchasing modules interact in Odoo.

Comparing advanced Odoo ecommerce options - Shop Invader and Steersman Business Suite

  • Brief overview of Steersman’s Odoo ecommerce suite and lines of comparison to the ShopInvader bundle by Akretion.

Connecting BigCommerce to Odoo ERP

  • All the things to consider when looking for a connector to link Odoo’s robust ERP software with BigCommerce’s popular eCommerce solution.

Connecting PrestaShop to Odoo ERP

  • How to implement a PrestaShop to Odoo connector and what to consider when looking for the right solution for your business.

Connecting Shopify to Odoo ERP

  • Steps to configure a Shopify to Odoo connector and what questions to ask when searching for the best solution for your business.

Connecting Magento to Odoo ERP

  • What to consider when looking for a connector to link Odoo’s robust ERP software with Magento’s popular eCommerce solution.

Functional requirements for the technology team: integrating an ecommerce site with an inventory management system

  • Brief advice and a list of functional questions to help a non-technical manager specify and oversee a software integration project, connecting an online store and an inventory management system.

Basics of business software integration for the non-technical manager

  • Basics about business software data and data exchange for non-technical managers preparing to purchase an integration for their business systems.

Ecommerce on-site search 101: databases, technologies and data

  • This brief tutorial will help e-commerce, marketing, and IT professionals better understand the core components of ecommerce systems involved in setting up advanced website search.

Common problems with price management software

  • When selecting software to manage your company’s sale prices, make sure to understand the system’s scheduling, UI, analytics, and flexibility factors.

An overview of on-site search from 1990’s to 2018

  • Learn about the evolution of on-site search technologies from ‘99, and how the different search tech providers like Lucene, Solr, Algolia, SLI, Elasticsearch, Swiftype, AWS CloudSearch, and Google Site Search perform today.