Business automation system demo and training videos

The Steersman Business Suite, based on Odoo ERP, helps manage and automate business processes and data for manufacturing, distribution and eCommerce companies. Check out our videos to learn how the Steersman high-performance cloud-based system works and see some of its capabilities, its speed, and interfaces.

Steersman provides complete training for Steersman Business Suite and Odoo. Our experts in manufacturing, distribution, retail and ecommerce can provide one-on-one or screen-share training for Odoo’s standard accounting, CRM, manufacturing, inventory, sales, purchasing, point of sale and project management modules, as well as Steersman’s proprietary product information management, ecommerce, shipping, and other applications.

Odoo setup auditing, Odoo configuration, and Odoo data cleanup are also available.

It is best to watch all of the videos on this page in the order that they are presented, but you can use the above links to jump straight to the video that interests you.

Product and raw material setup for resale and manufacturing

Proper system and product setup is what gives Steersman clients the process and data recording automation. This video clip goes through the setup of a product with a BOM (bill of material).

Entering sales order and getting product demand

With a properly configured system and products, sales orders will update your inventory forecast, triggering production and procurement calls. This video clip shows how to make quotes and sales orders.

Inventory monitoring and automation

Even with hundreds of sales orders and purchases per day, Steersman Business Suite makes it easy to stay on top of the stock levels and supply chain needs.

Receiving items into stock

You can monitor and manage all your incoming shipments, easily finding past-due purchases, under/over-shipments, and tracking your full receipts history. With proper automation setup, even accounting journal entries get automatically generated with every stock receipt.

Processing production and subassemblies

Multi-level production management allows forecasting of your entire supply chain, making sure that there aren’t any unexpected shortages when the production day comes around. Steersman uses Odoo’s manufacturing management and PLM functions, adding convenience features, custom configuration, and accounting automation.

Creating outbound shipments (to clients)

With Steersman, you can automatically shop for the cheapest delivery methods and print shipping labels from the cloud directly to your local printer. Read more about our shipping rate shopping here.

Managing vendor and client invoices, monitoring accounting journal entries, making expense entries

Vendor bill and customer invoice interfaces and reports make it easy to deal with many pending purchases and sales orders. No need for integrations with external inventory or accounting system - orders, inventory, accounting journals, bills, invoices, and the documents for all departments are in one place, always up-to-date.

Sales and other business data analytics reports

When the business has a single source of true data, it becomes easy to extract business insights and run analytics. The Steersman Business Suite makes sure your data is always current, well-structured, and available on-demand. Get all the custom reports that you need, available at a click of a button.