Steersman Business Suite integrated shipping management

Steersman Business Suite (SBS) manages your shipping processes out-of-box, without needing to setup and manage additional integrations to check shipping rates, print shipping labels and record tracking information. Our business automation system takes client orders, processes payments, manages stock moves/production/procurements, and prints shipping labels – all in the same unified interface, cloud-based and accessible from anywhere on any internet-connected device with a modern internet browser.

When your inventory must move to an outside party – you can select the specific shipping method or allow the system to pick the cheapest delivery method available for your specific packages. Shipping labels are generated on the fly, and our cloud-connected printers can print out the labels at your shipping station. There is no need to transfer address info to another program and download tracking numbers. Everything is in the same system to start with.

Available shipping companies

SBS is integrated with 100+ carriers in the US and worldwide. Some of the available shippers are USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, EMS, USF Holland, and many other worldwide parcel and freight companies.

We use Easypost to connect to carriers. See the full list of carriers here.

Minimizing cost per parcel via rate shopping

Rate shopping is a standard function in Steersman Business Suite. You can setup service levels for your deliveries with an array of available shipping methods, and have our system automatically pick the least expensive suitable carrier for a specific parcel that must be sent. The system can even determine the lowest rates for multiple packages going to the same customer.

Shipping on customer account

For common parcel carriers, you can use your own account or enter a customer account for billing. Customer accounts can be used for a specific shipment or as a default for all customer shipments.

Optional perks and services

Standard additional services that can be setup on parcels and freight include shipper insurance, international shipping documents, signature confirmation requests, and more.

Adding more carriers

You can start with just a few carriers and enable more as your company’s needs change. Enabling new carriers among our available options is fast and easy.

Using negotiated rates

You can use your shipping accounts for our available shippers to ensure that your negotiated rates are utilized. Aside from your own negotiated rates, we offer discounts on USPS parcel deliveries as part of our full system package.


Our system comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Reducing manual work

Since shipping is processed within the Steersman unified business automation system, no manual address or tracking number copying between systems is required. Tracking number and shipping label copies are stored and linked from their respective orders and inventory moves.

Barcodes scanning and printing

You can use barcode scanners to process items into inventory or into parcels. If some of your products do not come with barcode labels, it is easy to set them up and print barcode and part number labels upon receipt into your warehouse or as part of your inventory maintenance work.

Shipment tracking

Details about shipped parcels are all saved in the system and tied to the orders that they belong to. Full history and details are available – you will track the specific items that went into the specific box and be able to track the parcels with a click of a button within Steersman Business Suite.

Updates to customers

Send out tracking info emails to clients manually or setup tracking emails to auto-send upon shipment or on schedule at the close of the warehouse shift, enabling your shipping operators to adjust or cancel incorrect records prior to sending the client email.


Steersman has partnered with EasyPost for facilitating shipments. As such, you pay one cent per label for shipping label processing, and can either use your shipping accounts or utilize our negotiated rates – no other special costs are applied aside from standard Steersman Business Suite maintenance and support fees.

Who benefits

Companies that run on inventory/production management systems including NetSuite, Sage, Odoo, Fishbowl, or others, that are not satisfied with the way their shipping label printing and rate shopping operate.

Online store operations based on Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Kybo, or other shopping cart platforms, that struggle with automating and managing shipments and are open to overhauling operations and ecommerce technology to gain a more unified system.

How to get it

Steersman shipping automation comes as a component of Steersman Business Suite all-in-one business automation system.

Work with Steersman directly or through your operations or technology consultants to setup Steersman Business Suite SaaS. Get full system training and migrate your data and processes to our system.

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