Steersman data investigation and cleaning services

Lack of training and suboptimal business process system setup results in accumulations of data errors. Steersman system and data consultants can investigate data issues that accumulate over time, clean up such issues, and repair their causes.

Though Steersman teams can investigate and clean up data issues in large sets of data within a variety of different software applications, our consultants are especially proficient in repairing data reconciliation and error accumulation issues in Odoo.

Steersman data investigation and cleaning services details

Odoo accounting data investigation and cleanup

  • Audit your Odoo configuration and historic data to determine the source of data issues and recommend corrective actions based on the cause and severity of the issue.

SBS and Odoo data reconciliation

  • Auditing and reconciliation of historic records to ensure that data is complete and correct in Odoo and Steersman Business Suite systems.

Projects and success stories

  • Steersman magazine’s Projects and Success Stories section provides lessons from the process and technology implementation projects managed by Steersman Company.