Business process automation via tools and customization

Maximize efficiency in your processes by automating time consuming operations that your sales and operations team members frequently do. Save time and ensure success for daily tasks like sending client and vendor follow ups, generating daily/weekly reports, updating product data and more.

Steersman business consultants and developers can help find opportunities for impactful time-savings, to design automation logic, and implement the automation in your Odoo or Steersman Business Suite systems.

Vendor catalog, price and inventory integration

  • Improve efficiency and information availability by integrating your supply chain management software with vendor and manufacturer operations systems.

Supply chain automation

  • Gain a competitive advantage and reduce user errors via ERP tools, custom forecasting and procurement automation, automated data feeds and vendor integrations, and more.

Projects and success stories

  • Steersman magazine’s Projects and Success Stories section provides lessons from the process and technology implementation projects managed by Steersman Company.