Business process management with Steersman Business Suite

Full process management - sell, make, ship, get paid

Steersman Business Suite takes care of the entire order and fulfillment process and ties all the relevant inventory and financial actions into accounting records. Get tools to manage your sales, forecasting, inventory, procurement, accounting and communication. All designed for small businesses that are looking to grow.

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Receiving orders online or offline

Your clients can order through the built-in online store, or call their orders in. An administrator sees all these orders the same way, but attributed to different sales groups. Moreover, if an online client adds products into their shopping cart and calls in to clarify their order, your customer service agents will be able to see the client’s shopping cart and modify its contents.

Then, once the sales order is finished and approved, Steersman Business Suite generates inventory demand throughout the entire system.

Selling via multiple channels? Steersman can accommodate that as well. Brick and mortar stores can use our out-of-box point of sale system to process in-store sales. Marketplaces and large retail can be integrated and managed via API or EDI - integrate with Amazon, Ebay, and other major marketplaces. You can have one system to manage it all - set prices and enable products by channel, track and analyze all results, automate order processing and inventory updates.

Demand forecast based on new sales order

Inventory procurement demand is controlled via reorder rules and inventory routes. You can setup minimums and maximums in the warehouse, maintaining multiple bins, shelves, or even multiple warehouses, all with their own reorder minimum and maximum quantities. Alternatively, you can setup certain products to be made to order every time, so no stock is ever kept.

Whichever forecasting method you choose, once the system processes a sale of goods, it recalculates what you have on the shelf and what must now be sent out, automatically triggering production and purchases of any products or components and sub-components of manufactured items.

If you need to purchase anything to get your reorder rules back on track – requests for quotations will be waiting for the purchasing agent. Send multiple RFQs if needing to shop around. To process an order – simply validate the RFQ and email it to your supplier with a click of a button (or connect via EDI).

Receiving purchased materials into stock

Once purchase orders have been made to bring materials into your facility, the system creates a record for the expected stock receipt. When the vendor shipment arrives, the receiving clerk can search the pending vendor deliveries log using the purchase order or vendor name to quickly locate the specific expected order and process it into the inventory.

Received a partial order or more than what was ordered? Enter the quantities received and validate the receipt, the system then asks you whether a back order should be kept open or if no more items are expected. The system tracks quantities ordered, quantities received, and quantities billed separately, so you’ll always have full visibility in what your vendors owe you and how they are performing.

Processing sub-manufacturing and final assembly manufacturing orders with BOMs

Multi-level manufacturing is also processed right out-of-box. The system checks for availability of BOM components and processes manufacturing operations, regardless of how many sub-manufacturing levels you may require. Components and subassemblies can remain on the shelf based on their own reordering rules, or can be moved along to further production steps right away.

As production progresses, the system automatically updates all the used up and produced inventory. Accounting records are automatically updated immediately upon the start and completion of production, based on whatever rules you create for in-process inventory treatment. Finally, cost reports are available for all production runs, allowing you to review costs of all components, time required for the manufacturing process (if you decide to track it with SBS), and the final cost per unit produced.

Processing a shipment

Once items are ready to ship, the warehouse staff sees an update in their dashboard indicating that there is an operation ready for them. You can setup the process of getting your goods out the door in multiple ways – shelf to client in a single step, shelf to packing area, packing area to shipping area, shipping area to client, or in-between. Throw in a logged quality control step as well, if you’d like.

Steersman Business Suite generates your shipping labels and sends them to your local printer right from the cloud. Interested in advanced shipping automation? Consider Steersman’s shipping rate-shopping application that automatically selects and prints the shipping documents for the cheapest method of delivery for a specific package based on its dimensions, destination, and delivery time.

Reviewing orders to invoice and processing payments

Finally, when the goods are out the door, the system puts up a flag for the accounts receivable clerk indicating that there is a order to be billed. Once the client invoice is created and sent, revenue and COGS are recognized, any tax liability is recorded, and an invoice can be sent to the client.

Getting paid on Net terms via check, bank transfer or similar? You can monitor your clients’ payment history and automatically send reminders to past due clients. When the money finally arrives, it is quick and easy to record the payment into the system.

Payment by credit card? Not a problem either – Steersman allows you to charge client credit cards from within your order screen, not needing any extra windows or separate logins. Our payment processing is built in such a way that client’s card information goes directly to the secure payment processor servers (we use Braintree Payments, a superb Chicago company owned by PayPal, as the payment gateway), never touching your own system or Steersman databases – full PCI compliance and data security is guaranteed. Besides that, we get you a 2.5% flat rate + $0.10 per transaction for card processing, if that beats what you’ve been paying before.

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