Steersman solutions for specialty retail

No one knows your product line better than you, and no one curates optimal SaaS ERP solutions for specialty retail better than Steersman.

Our scalable suite of applications lets you track inventory, manage costs and increase sales by helping you give your customers exactly what they need, when they need it.

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Powerful product information management capability

Leverage Steersman’s fully integrated PIM tool to store as many attributes and product variants as your unique product line requires, then ensure that your customers find exactly what they need with our well designed sites and smart search filters.


Savings and reliability with cloud ERP

Reduce the cost of ERP ownership and maintenance with Steersman’s cloud hosted suite of tools. Our team takes care of all maintenance and customizations for you and our strict security measures ensure military-grade protection for your data.

Steersman’s omnichannel is all about integration

Put your customers at the center of your business model and offer exactly what they need, the minute they need it, anywhere and via any device.

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High performance websites

Get lightning fast website performance with Steersman’s implementation of advanced technologies such as Next.js and Elasticsearch.

  • Pre-rendering
  • Optimized searching
  • Intuitive filtering of large catalogs
  • Reduced bounce rates
  • Increased conversion

Consistent branding

Ensure that your customers get a consistent image of your company and brand. Whether they’re in your store, on your website or following you on social media, the dependability of the style breeds confidence and loyalty.

Steersman’s ecommerce site is lightning fast, and the search ability on their ecommerce site will rival anybody’s. If you want to have an enterprise system that manages your website, your finances, your products, everything soup to nuts, you’ve got to go with Steersman.

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Jeremy Sacker
Head of special projects for Sciencix