Steersman web application design services

Steersman designs user-centric web applications with the business process in mind. Our design process includes business strategy review, design best practice implementation and user validation, with an iterative approach where the designers work closely with client stakeholders and the application’s intended users.

Steersman design focus is on custom applications that seek specific competitive advantages and superior user experiences. We design simple, convenient, functionally beautiful apps.

Steersman web application design services details

Online store design

  • Depending on the ecommerce strategy and online store goals, Steersman online store design experts collaborate with client teams to conceptualize, lay out and mock up custom views, spec out and generate graphics, and ensure site scalability and technical viability.

Website design

  • Steersman website design experts collaborate with clients on website marketing strategy and goals, wireframes, detailed mockups and any graphics that go into the design.

Business application design

  • Understand business data and activity flows to generate user stories, activity flow maps, data architecture, interface mockups, graphics, and other design elements of high-end business applications.

Projects and success stories

  • Steersman magazine’s Projects and Success Stories section provides lessons from the process and technology implementation projects managed by Steersman Company.