Odoo E-Commerce Websites List

Odoo is a powerful business management system that can consolidate many business processes and data sets into one. The built-in website and ecommerce modules allow Odoo users to publish products and pages, and are utilized by many companies, primarily for basic online store and catalog needs. Whereas some companies choose to integrate their Odoo ERP with other ecommerce platforms, like BigCommerce, Shopify, or other, there are huge benefits in consolidating and serving the ecommerce site right out of Odoo.

Here we have a list of Odoo online store examples, highlighting companies that avoid the complications associated with integrating the ERP and ecommerce platforms.

Adding more Odoo sites to this list

We are actively looking for additional examples of websites that run on Odoo ecommerce to add to this list and would be happy to receive new links to consider – please email us if you find a good Odoo online store that we haven’t listed here. We won’t add them all, as we are aiming to showcase only the most interesting and best-built sites. If you have any interest in using our technology for your own needs or for your clients in the US or Canada, please email us as well.

Objective criteria to compare the websites

Number of Google’s indexed pages (Google “site:https://site.com”), as of the time of our last test.

Run a random category page from the site through Google’s performance and usability tests on web.dev/measure - it provides objective ratings for the site’s performance, accessibility, “best practices” and SEO - each section with a maximum score of 100, so 400 is the perfect score.

Ranked by scores

This list is the short version, ranked by the scores described above. Keep scrolling for more details about each site - that can provide suggestions/warnings on what to look for on your own Odoo ecommerce site project.

Website Pages Score
sciencix.com 3,500 378
legionsafety.com 13,700 377
stonebridgeimports.ca 4720 369
auburnsupplygroup.com 1,130 285
jasani.ae 1,620 282
sunchlorellausa.com 2,240 277
elyptol.com 73 275
store.ntstiresupply.com 8,090 273
apps.odoo.com 135,000 251
patchbox.com 791 248
dentalplanet.com 12,200 240
xo2.com.au 2,130 221
hangertips.com 2,710 183
ecarrefour.com 6,770 180

The list of Odoo online store examples with summaries


Odoo’s own applications store is, not surprisingly, among the top ecommerce sites that runs on Odoo. It enables users to search and filter products, works fairly quickly, has a customer portal where clients can see their order history, pay bills/invoices, and confirm quotes.

Web.dev measurements on a random product category page:

  • Performance – 29/100
  • Accessibility – 68/100
  • Best practices – 86/100
  • SEO – 68/100

Pages indexed by Google – 135,000.


Dental Planet runs its online store on Odoo and sells B2B supplies and equipment to dental businesses. It has a large catalog with a convenient presentation when viewed on a desktop. However, when viewed on a mobile device, its navigation doesn’t appear well-adapted. It allows the user to filter in such a way that they can end up on pages without products, and loads products (images) fairly slowly, which is not too bad as it utilizes lazy loading. The on-site search works, though doesn’t provide any close matches or suggestions - for example both singular and plural variations of a search term produce vastly different results.

Web.dev measurements on a random product category page:

  • Performance – 23/100
  • Accessibility – 70/100
  • Best practices – 64/100
  • SEO – 83/100

Pages indexed by Google – 12,200.


This company is in the product distribution/retail business, and its online store and company operations run on Odoo, with Steersman’s Odoo ecommerce microservice. All the data is stored and managed in Odoo, utilizing our advanced PIM module, without integrations with any outside ecommerce platforms. It supports multi-window shopping while synching the shopping cart. This is an “out of box” store provided by Steersman, with branding applied, and a few custom pages built via our page configuration functionality.

Web.dev measurements on a random product category page:

  • Performance – 84/100
  • Accessibility – 100/100
  • Best practices – 93/100
  • SEO – 100/100

Pages indexed by Google – 13,700.


This manufacturing and distribution company and its online store run on Odoo, with Steersman’s ecommerce microservice. All the data and processes are stored and managed in Odoo. There are no outside ecommerce platform integrations – the company uses the advanced PIM module within Odoo. Shopping carts and orders become quotes and sales orders right in Odoo.

Web.dev measurements on a random product category page:

  • Performance – 92/100
  • Accessibility – 100/100
  • Best practices – 93/100
  • SEO – 93/100

Pages indexed by Google – 3,500.

stonebridgeimports.ca and stonebridgeimports.com

This wholesaler of gemstones runs on Odoo, with Steersman’s ecommerce microservice. The company has two websites - for Canada and USA, in corresponding currencies, with multi-level prices, integrated shipping, and proper hreflang tags for SEO. Pages, products, and blog posts are configured to show on either or both websites.

Web.dev measurements on a random product category page:

  • Performance – 69/100
  • Accessibility – 100/100
  • Best practices – 100/100
  • SEO – 100/100

Pages indexed by Google for Canadian site – 4720
Pages indexed by Google for US site – 7370


Hangertips is an online retailer whose ecommerce site runs on Odoo and is a great example of a nice small business website. It’s pages load fairly fast and it has a clean, easy-to-use layout. The site isn’t optimized for mobile use, but it stays usable on a mobile device nonetheless. Using filters isn’t very convenient: filter button and filter menu are small with hard to see selections, and the user can easily end up on a page with 0 products as filter selection isn’t dynamic. The site is set to be multi-language, but appears to be missing many translations. On-site search is a bit hard to find, but works fast, though doesn’t provide results for close searches (i.e. search for “shirt” produces results, but “shirts” comes up with nothing).

Web.dev measurements on a random product category page:

  • Performance – 28/100
  • Accessibility – 0/100
  • Best practices – 79/100
  • SEO – 76/100

Pages indexed by Google – 2,710.


Jasani is an Odoo online store selling corporate gifts and promotional items. It has a few marketing pages and simple Odoo product listings. Many of the products have great arrays of photos, making it easy to see what you are getting. It is a bit annoying that the product list pages allow the user to select a mix of product category and filters (brand, color, or price) that has no product on it.

Web.dev measurement on a random product category page:

  • Performance – 49/100
  • Accessibility – 76/100
  • Best practices – 73/100
  • SEO – 84/100

Pages indexed by Google – 1,620.


ecarrefour is an online retailer with a medium-sized Odoo website with diverse categories of product. It has a clean design, though some of the page elements appear not to work (i.e. featured categories and blog posts on home page). The site does appear to simply be under construction at the time of these tests, so this might change in the future. Website search can be very slow and appears to provide results that are not optimally relevant.

Web.dev measurements on a random product category page:

  • Performance – 26/100
  • Accessibility – 0/100
  • Best practices – 79/100
  • SEO – 75/100

Pages indexed by Google – 6,770.


Patchbox.com is a great website running on Odoo - primarily an informational site, but it has a few products, qualifying it as an online store. It has a rather small catalog (only a few separate “products”, with multiple variations each), and delivers the information well. It doesn’t allow sharing links for specific variants of products, but does have great variant data, updating images depending on options selected. The site has 2 languages and appears to be translated well and fully. Please note that this site’s catalog/product portion is made up of only around 20 pages (times two languages, so 40 pages total).

Web.dev measurements on a product “list” page:

  • Performance – 20/100
  • Accessibility – 46/100
  • Best practices – 64/100
  • SEO – 90/100

Web.dev measurements on a random product page:

  • Performance – 19/100
  • Accessibility – 65/100
  • Best practices – 64/100
  • SEO – 100/100

Pages indexed by Google – 791.


Sun Chlorella sells chlorella infused food items, extracts and creams, in it since 1969. This small business online store runs on Odoo’s ecommerce application. It doesn’t allow users to search for products from all pages, which makes it a bit hard to find products if you like to “search”. But with the rather small catalog, its easy enough to find products and buy. The site uses banners and images throughout, making it look fun and, provides quick product highlights, which helps easily browse. Some of its product view layouts with multiple rows show up in unexpected manners (when a product has no image and highlight text, for example). Using a blog, it capitalizes on that great marketing tool, though the blog list view isn’t beautiful. It uses the multi-language functionality (based on Google’s indexed pages), but doesn’t have translations for most site content/menus, and doesn’t show the language selection menu. The site uses large fonts and buttons in most places, making it easy to browse and see for everyone.

Web.dev measurements on a random product category page:

  • Performance – 38/100
  • Accessibility – 88/100
  • Best practices – 71/100
  • SEO – 80/100

Pages indexed by Google – 2,240.


Elyptol is a great example of an Odoo ecommerce website - simple, clean, functional. The company is an online retailer of health and hygiene products. It allows the user to click the add to cart button on products that aren’t available, taking the user to the cart without adding the product, which is a bit confusing. Overall, a nice small ecommerce website that appears to get the job done.

Web.dev measurements on a random product category page:

  • Performance – 41/100
  • Accessibility – 69/100
  • Best practices – 79/100
  • SEO – 86/100

Pages indexed by Google – 73.


NTS Tire Supply sells and services tires for agricultural machinery and more. The site runs on Odoo and works well, though the product filters allow options with no products, and some product categories without product also exist. The site is also missing breadcrumbs, making it a bit confusing to navigate. It appears that the on-site search works sporadically (doesn’t work when searching while on a product page), however, the search functionality to select sizes is convenient.

Web.dev measurements on a random product category page:

  • Performance – 41/100 (if any filters enabled, load speeds go down, and performance rating gets to under 20)
  • Accessibility – 77/100
  • Best practices – 64/100
  • SEO – 91/100

Pages indexed by Google – 8,090.


Auburn Supply Group distributes food packaging and runs a good Odoo website, with cleaned up data and convenient presentation. It avoids the use of product filters, thus saving itself from the problem of having filters that take the visitors to a page with no product. However, without filters, some product categories have a bit too many products. Nonetheless, this is among the faster and most convenient sites that runs on Odoo, when browsed on a desktop computer. The site doesn’t appear to be designed for mobile (menu links too close together, main menu always expanded when trying to look at a list of products, etc).

Web.dev measurements on a random product category page:

  • Performance – 53/100
  • Accessibility – 67/100
  • Best practices – 86/100
  • SEO – 79/100

Pages indexed by Google – 1,130.


XO2 distributes hygiene products in Australia. Their online store is simple and easy to browse. It doesn’t allow a visitor to drill down into menus when using a desktop computer or laptop, which, combined with rather slow page loading, makes the experience a bit subpar (have to wait to load the whole “hand hygiene” page before being able to go into the second level category “hand soap”). On mobile, the menus appear expanded, negating that issue. It takes advantage of a blog and shows posts on various types of pages, a great capability made possible by Odoo. Using an external search, it has relevance and auto-correct in place and it is great to have a breakdown of results for products, categories, and blog posts. However, the search results modal that opens appears to sometimes break when scrolling multiple results on a mobile device (stops scrolling).

Web.dev measurements on a random product category page:

  • Performance – 14/100
  • Accessibility – 70/100
  • Best practices – 64/100
  • SEO – 73/100

Pages indexed by Google – 2,130.