Choosing technologies

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Connecting Magento to Odoo ERP

What to consider when looking for a connector to link Odoo’s robust ERP software with Magento's popular E-Commerce solution.

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Connecting Shopify to Odoo ERP

Steps to configure a Shopify to Odoo connector and what questions to ask when searching for the best solution for your business.

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Connecting PrestaShop to Odoo ERP

How to implement a PrestaShop to Odoo connector and what to consider when looking for the right solution for your business.

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Migrating Magento 1 to Steersman's Odoo eCommerce Suite

Migrating to Steersman’s Odoo ERP and eCommerce package from Magento 1 created a more intuitive user interface, helped improve shipping times, reduce costs, increase sales and profits.

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Connecting BigCommerce to Odoo ERP

All the things to consider when looking for a connector to link Odoo’s robust ERP software with BigCommerce's popular E-Commerce solution.

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Odoo E-Commerce Websites List

This curated list highlights some of the best online stores that run on Odoo. See how Steersman e-commerce solutions stack up against the competition.

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6 Must-Have PIM Features for E-Commerce Catalogs

Companies wishing to stay at the top of the game all leverage PIM software to help centralize, organize and analyze information about their products

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Comparing Steersman’s Odoo E-Commerce with Akretion’s ShopInvader

Brief overview of Steersman's Odoo E-Commerce suite and lines of comparison to the ShopInvader bundle by Akretion.

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Basics of Business Software Integration for Non-Technical Managers

Basics about business software data and data exchange for non-technical managers preparing to purchase an integration for their business systems.

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Integrating an E-Commerce Site with Inventory Management System

Questions to consider for non-technical managers overseeing a software integration project to connect an online store and an inventory management system.