Steersman omnichannel sales cloud software

Steersman omnichannel sales cloud software

Provide your clients with a true omnichannel experience, linking their in-store, online, and phone inquiries and orders into a single system and organized data structure.

With an omnichannel sales system, it is easier to provide a uniform purchase experience to your clients if they use different channels at different times, while your analysts can monitor all the client touchpoints and glean business intelligence from the various ways that clients buy from you.

Complementary and related to Steersman omnichannel sales cloud software

In-store sales management

  • Check stock, apply coupons, process returns, make manual discounts and add notes - all in just a few clicks or screen taps, without slowing down the cashier's queue.

Inside and outside sales management

  • Empower your sales organization with robust prospecting and relationship management tools. Close deals fast with one-click quotes and e-signatures, maximize revenue with automated dynamic pricing, and more.

Advanced e-commerce platform

  • Unsurpassed performance and advanced tools to help grow, optimize, and efficiently run an ecommerce store with 100 to 1,000,000 products. Run your catalog by product specialists, not developers.

Online catalog management

  • Create the perfect catalog for your clients or tweak and improve as you go. Steersman Business Suite provides tools and reports for handling large ecommerce catalogs

Inventory and delivery management

  • Live oversight of your entire supply chain, warehouse, and inventory operation - identify opportunities, respond quickly to changes, and collaborate with all stakeholders both internal and external.

Business software applications

  • Web-based software applications for business operations, marketing and sales - manufacturing, inventory and supply chains, retail sales, inside/outside sales, online sales, team collaboration, catalog management, online marketing.

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