Web application security auditing

Steersman runs secure business and ecommerce applications and offers auditing and testing services of third party web applications.

If you require testing and validation of your business system cyber security, the Steersman technology team may be able to help with bot attack simulation, vulnerability investigation, ITAR controlled data access auditing, and other cyber security auditing for entire web applications or parts thereof. Use our reports of vulnerabilities and recommendations on security improvements to mitigate your security holes, or get help from our team in implementing patches or securing new systems.

E-commerce consulting

  • Integrate ecommerce into your core business or build a business around ecommerce by figuring out the online target market, the tools and information that potential clients seek, and the competitive advantages to leverage.

Web application design

  • User-centric web applications with the business purpose and process in mind - websites, ecommerce, custom business applications.

Technical SEO auditing for large ecommerce websites

  • Tailored technical SEO audit for ecommerce websites with up to 10 million pages - data presence, structure, reachability, load performance, consistency, and more.

Projects and success stories

  • Steersman magazine’s Projects and Success Stories section provides lessons from the process and technology implementation projects managed by Steersman Company.