Migrating Stone Edge (SEOM) to Steersman's Odoo ERP

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Legion Safety is a personal protective equipment (PPE) distributor based in the greater Chicagoland area. They manage a vast and dynamic catalog of thousands of products, each with potentially dozens of different variations or features, all of which can change as new product lines are retired and introduced. As they grew and expanded their business, they kept finding that the various enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions they were using were insufficient for their needs and they didn’t have the means to develop a better solution in house.

They wanted to upgrade from using Stone Edge Order Manager (Monsoon SEOM) for their order and inventory management, along with X-Cart for their ecommerce solution, Worldship+Dazzle for parcels, and QuickBooks for accounting, but all the disparate tools were leading to some logistical issues and made the ordering process and back-end management error prone and inefficient.

Legion worked with Steersman to setup an all-in-one solution that would tie all the elements together, and successfully performed an overnight switchover, using Steersman’s data migration scripts to transfer the catalog, inventory levels, customer records, and customer order history from Stone Edge to Odoo.

Stone Edge Order Manager to Steersman’s Odoo

Starting with Odoo, a powerful open source business management software, and completely rebuilding several of it’s modules to optimize usability and performance, Steersman was able to provide exactly what the client was looking for. Their team was also familiar with SEOM technology and the migration from Stone Edge to Steersman’s Odoo was done quickly and efficiently.

  • Steersman’s robust shipping solution streamlined the back-end process and by having a central data source across all modules, the client’s staff could ensure that they always had the latest product and order information at their fingertips.
  • Steersman’s revamped product information management (PIM) tool is designed to be used with ease even by non-technical staff. Product data templates and a powerful graphics optimization engine allows Legion’s product managers to update and maintain their vast catalog with ease. The interface is so intuitive that it’s simple to add attribute mappings and check the data for accuracy without ever getting data specialists involved.

Steersman’s Odoo ERP, with it’s streamlined ecommerce, robust shipping, and dynamic product information management solutions, set them apart from the competition and provided just the edge Legion Safety needed to boost their sales and streamline their back-end processes. After going live, they saw an immediate increase in sales, and that trend has persisted over time. They feel confident in knowing that their investment in the new solution will grow with them over time and that the Steersman support team will be there to help them through any future challenges.

Steersman’s Odoo for You

If you’re having some growing pains in your business and looking to migrate over to a more robust ERP with an intuitive eCommerce solution, read more about Steersman’s powerful online catalog management cloud software. Ready to dive in or have more questions? Contact us today!